Dickens and London

  Dickens House Museum

The Dickens Fellowship is a worldwide association of people who share an interest in the life and works of Charles Dickens. The Fellowship web site offers information on Dickens' life, fiction and journalism as well as links to sites about Dickens and Fellowship branches.  Its headquarters are at the Charles Dickens Museum, 48 Doughty Street, London WC1 2LF.  Dickens rented this charming Georgian House (shown with a board on the pavement in the photograph) for himself and his young family in the late 1830s.  He worked on  Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby and The Pickwick Papers here. The house is furnished as it would have been in his lifetime, and contains many of his pictures and memorabilia.  

ArtMagick is a virtual art gallery displaying paintings by forgotten or neglected artists of the 19th (and 20th) centuries including the Pre-Raphaelites who dominated British art in the reign of Queen Victoria.

The London Society reviews and comments on the planning and development of London and works to stimulate appreciation of London and the conservation of its amenities and its best buildings.

There are approaching fifty churches or remains of churches in the square mile of the City of London and they have been described as 'one of the finest groups of ecclesiastical buildings in Europe'. The Friends of the City Churches aims to bring together the many people who love and value the City churches and ensure that they are preserved intact for posterity  

The City of London Guide Lecturers Association aims to promote and maintain a high standard of guiding in and lecturing about the City of London.  The Institute of Tourist Guiding is a professional society for tourist guides.  .

The Museum of London is at 150 London Wall, on the Aldersgate Street  corner.  The Museum's Archeology Service explores the archeology of all building sites in the City and most of the artifacts  it discovers are added to the museums collection enabling it to mount particularly fine displays on Roman and Medieval London.